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A note from Emily in the Ottoman Ecumene

Emily in the Ottoman Ecumeme has been on a bit of a hiatus over the past several months because I, Emily, have had some big life changes!

Most importantly, I discovered the academic world of geography, where I found this blog is actually most at home, and started a PhD. Even though I’m writing my dissertation on sustainability and energy, so much of what I read makes me think deeply about music, performance, and my blog.

Emily in the Ottoman Ecumene was always intended to be a place for learning, for me and for everyone who contributes and reads. And that will never change! I still believe deeply in the blog’s mission and goals and I’m as excited about them as ever.

What has changed is how I think about its future, about my future, about how it can develop. I can’t say exactly what that is yet. I can talk about a few things I have realized this year.

Performance is an inspiration. Creation is a necessity. I want to continue to develop my own voice and take part in interesting projects, supporting others or following my own ideas. (If you need a backup singer, or have any ideas you want to work on with me, send me a message!) As much as my ‘work’ finds its home in writing, it must also find its place in performance, and I am looking forward to opening up more spaces in which to do and to share this.

I love exploring, delving into and promoting the regional independent and alternative pop/rock music scenes, including their seemingly increasing overlaps with world music! I’m so excited about this music and interested in all its developments. I want to do more of this.

Because I live in Belgrade, my work often focuses on what's happening here. Belgrade’s music culture and the musical spaces I’ve found here are one of the reasons I stay here. I’m a resident of Belgrade, not a tourist, and someone who is serious about learning about the place I call home.

I’m doing this in so many ways. Some of which are uncomfortable or unpleasant, others of which are thrilling and fun. They are all important to me. They help me understand myself and the world and what is possible; they help me create. I may make mistakes, or I may fail. I will make the space to explore all of that, and I thank you if you decide to give that to me as well.

So, I hope you can expect more sharing from me. I hope I can expect more sharing from you, too! I hope together we can love and enjoy music from all genres, remaining open to everything we can listen to and feel and learn from others.

I hope we can fill the empty spaces in our lives with those sounds and not feel so alone or hopeless, in spite of everything going on, and maybe even because of it. Thank you for listening and for reading!

P.S. You can now find me on my new Instagram account, @emilyintheottomanecumene.


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