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A few performances in 2022

Although I had the opportunity to perform multiple times in 2022, I’d like to share three that stood out.

In May, I went with Ženska pevačka grupa škole Bojane Nikolić to Zlatni opanak, an annual festival in Valjevo, Serbia. We performed a selection of songs as a group, and we also performed solos; I performed “Stojan čuva stado,” a song from Štrpce and the very first Serbian song I sang on my own in concert. My performance was fortunate enough to win third place in the solo singing competition. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video of it, but you can watch one of our group songs in the video below.

In June, we had our final concert. We sang a full set in the lovely setting of Manakova kuća in Belgrade. You can check out the YouTube playlist below and listen to everything.

In November, we joined the singing group Toše Proeski for their performance in Pančevo, Serbia. We sang three beautiful songs in Macedonian, including “Sudbo moja sudbino,” “Ludo mi tera tri konji,” and “Nevesta zito trebeshe.” I particularly loved this one! Thank you to the singing group Toše Proeski for having us. You can listen to our performance on this website (start at 16:30).


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